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Leap Into Marriage At Kawartha Lakes City Hall

KAWARTHA LAKES-Did you know that you can exchange your wedding vows in a Civil Marriage Ceremony at Kawartha Lakes City Hall?

And getting married on a Leap Day, which occurs on February 29, offers a unique and memorable experience.

If you’re recently engaged, here are five reasons to tie the knot on a Leap Day:

1) Uniqueness of the date

Leap Day happens only once every four years, making it an extraordinarily rare and unique date. This can make your wedding even more memorable and gives you a fun story to tell.

2) Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating your anniversary every four years can be a fun and quirky twist. It could turn each anniversary into a more significant event, as it feels more special by being less frequent.

3) Significance in Folklore

In some cultures, Leap Day holds unique folkloric significance. In some Irish and Scottish traditions, February 29 has been known as “Bachelor’s Day” since the fifth century. A day when women traditionally propose marriage to men.

4) Unconventional

It’s a non-traditional or unconventional wedding date. Choosing this day could symbolize a break from the norm and a desire to forge a unique path in your marital journey. It’s a nod to the spirit of individuality and nonconformity.

5) Lucky Day

In Chinese culture, getting married on a Leap day can be considered lucky, and it is believed that a wedding on this day will bring a happy and successful marriage.

For February 29, 2024, there are four remaining ceremony times available between 9am and 4pm. The ceremony will be performed by a Municipal Clerk in the historic Victoria Room with beautiful views of Lindsay. This room can welcome up to 20 guests. The total fee to get married on February 29 during regular business hours is $400, which includes the ceremony fee ($260 room booking at City Hall for 1 hour and officiant) and a marriage licence fee ($140).

For Leap Day ceremonies, complete the application form by February 9, before all spaces fill up. All couples will require a pre-ceremony meeting with both celebrants present with the officiant at least 10 days before the ceremony.

For more information, and ceremony options other than Leap Day, check out our Marriage Services webpage.

Source City of Kawartha Lakes

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