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Petition Backed By Peterborough MP Demanding Non-Confidence Vote Against Prime Minister Trudeau Has Almost 175,000 Signatures

PETERBOROUGH-Peterborough Kawartha Conservative MP Michelle Ferreri has sponsored a petition to hold a non-confidence vote in the House of Commons. The petition was started by Melissa Outwater, a Peterborough resident.

The petition claims the citizens of Canada have lost confidence in Justin Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition. They are calling on the house for a vote of no confidence and an election 45 days after the vote if it passes.

The petition goes on to state:

“The policies of this government aren’t aligning with the crisis Canada is facing: housing costs, infringement of civil liberties, highest inflation in history, unbalanced immigration policies, taxation to the point of poverty, weakening of our economy by importing natural resources that Canada already has and under-utilizes; and Based on the past eight years of this Prime Minister, Canadians do not have confidence in this Prime Minister, after five ethics investigations and Canada’s reputation being tarnished on a global scale under his leadership. To the extent that Canada is being discluded from participating in statements regarding important geopolitical events.”

According to an Ipsos poll done for Global News in November nearly three in four Canadians believe Trudeau should step down. Among liberal supporters, one in three think it’s time for a new party leader, according to the poll.  But Trudeau has reportedly told his advisors he has no plans to step down and said is looking forward to fighting an election against Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party.

The petition has garnered almost 175,000 signatures since November 24th and closes for signatures on December 24th.

Click here for more information:https://www.ourcommons.ca/petitions/en/Petition/Details?Petition=e-4701

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