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Ontario Increasing Electricity Rebate And Electricity Support Program Eligibility

KAWARTHA LAKES-The Ontario government says it is increasing electricity rebates for low-income residents and expanding eligibility.

The Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER) was introduced by the government in 2019 to provide families, small businesses and farms with affordable and predictable electricity costs. Households eligible for the OESP can receive credits of $35 to $75 through the program depending on household size. Higher monthly credits of between $52 to $113 are available to Indigenous customers or customers living with Indigenous family members, customers using electric heating, and customers using certain electricity-intensive medical devices.

OER will increase from 11.7 per cent to 19.3 per cent, reducing a typical household’s electricity bill by a total of 26 dollars a month – or $312 a year. Further, Ontario is supporting thousands of additional low-income families with an additional $50 million investment in the Ontario Electricity Support Program (OESP).

“Our government is once again acting to ensure families and small businesses have access to affordable, reliable and clean electricity by providing immediate bill relief when they need it,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “By increasing our investment in the Ontario Electricity Support Program, we are also providing additional targeted support to those who need it most.”

Every October, the government adjusts the OER to protect electricity customers from the normal year-to-year variability in electricity costs. Increasing the OER from 11.7 per cent to 19.3 per cent will ensure electricity bills remain affordable and predictable.

The government’s increased investment in the low-income targeted OESP, will support an expansion to the program, increasing the income eligibility thresholds by up to 35 per cent. For example, a four-person household, which is eligible for an additional $40 each month in financial support, will see the maximum income eligibility threshold increase from $48,000 to $65,000 per year after-tax – an increase of $17,000.

“This significant investment is yet another example of our government’s commitment to making life more affordable for the people of Ontario, including individuals receiving social assistance,” said Michael Parsa, Minister of Children, Community, and Social Services. “In addition to raising income support by nearly 12% over 12 months for people with disabilities through the Ontario Disability Support Program, we continue to help alleviate the cost of essentials for low-income families with programs like the OESP.”

The updated OER percentage will take effect November 1, 2023. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) which administers the OESP will introduce the increased income thresholds for that program on March 1, 2024

The OESP is currently providing energy relief for 212,000 low-income customers across the province.

Click here for more information:https://ontarioelectricitysupport.ca/?utm_campaign=%2Fen%2Frelease%2F1003661%2Fontario-helping-families-and-small-businesses-keep-electricity-costs-down&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsroom&utm_term=media

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