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2021 Federal Election Candidate Angel Godsoe, Green Party

KAWARTHA LAKES-Kawartha 411 News asked each of the 2021 federal election candidates a series of ten questions on issues of concern to local residents. We will be publishing each of these in the order the responses were received.

These are the responses from Angel Godsoe of the Green Party.

  1. Tell us a little bit about you and your family. My parents called me Angel when they adopted me 50 years ago. I have nine children ages 9-30. We run a boarding and trail riding stable on 130 acres in beautiful Kawartha Lakes.
  1. What made you decide to run in this election?

I had been president of our local Green EDA since 2019 after the last federal election. Being involved in the campaign last time and feeling strongly to represent Green values of democracy and hope for the future led me to run for the Green Candidacy. 

  1. If elected, what will you do to improve the lack of affordable housing in Kawartha Lakes?

Safe, affordable housing is a human right. A staple of the Green policy has always been the belief that every person in Canada deserves to be treated equally and with dignity. We will ensure that a “housing first” policy is utilized by building more affordable housing and increase funding for cooperative and supportive housing. Demanding a “rent freeze” post-pandemic by extending what is already in place and not allowing rents to be raised for one year. Ensuring all housing in Indigenous communities is built following principles laid out in the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Establishing a Guaranteed Livable Income, Universal Medical and Pharma care, and covering post-secondary education will put the needed resources back in the pockets of everyone struggling. Not only those on social assistance, disability or UI. but our students and seniors and people who struggle through market fluctuations such as in the agriculture and fossil fuel sectors. When people do not have to stress and jump through hoops to have their basic needs met, they are more able to advance themselves and their families. 

  1. If elected what will you do about the opioid epidemic?

Addiction needs to be addressed as a social and not a criminal issue. This, I hope, is one point all parties can agree on. The Green Party has a solid vision to follow up on that principle. – Expanding Healthcare to full  Universal coverage will expand our choices for Mental Health care as well. & Providing everyone in our country with a Guaranteed Livable Income will also alleviate many of the financial stressors that can lead to addiction. 

  1. If elected, how will you help seniors who are struggling to make ends meet and have only had nominal increases to CPP and Old Age Security?

A Guaranteed Livable Income will provide the insurance and dignity that our seniors deserve. The Green Party will also call for an investigation into pre-pandemic conditions in nursing homes, and establish a higher level of care across the country by making all homes accountable and government-funded. 

  1. If elected will your party continue with vaccine passports or mandates of any kind? 

The Green Party stands for democracy in its true form. Equality and Diversity are two of the most fundamental values we have in Canada. Green Candidates will represent the values of their constituents. If people believe vaccination as a requirement of occupation and removing people from their jobs is wrong and that passports create a discriminatory two-tier system, then, Green representatives would aim to dismantle those mandates and system. 

7.What is your party platform when it comes to climate change?

We have the most courageous and hopeful plan. We started calling it Mission Possible in 2019. We want our carbon emissions reduced to 60% by 2030. Accomplishing this will ensure the average global temperature does not rise above 1.5 degrees. It’s our only hope.

  1. Will your party implement any kind of tax on a principal residence?

I do know that if you’re a multi-million $$ corporation (including Amazon etc) using our markets and natural resources, you will begin to pay your fair share of taxes. 

9.If elected, what will your party do to further truth and reconciliation with our indigenous communities? What about the bodies of children found at residential schools across the country?

We will enshrine in our recovery plan these principles:

The United Nations Declaration of Indigenous Peoples 

The Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls for Justice Inquiry 

The Truth and Reconciliation Calls to Action

Fund the programs Indigenous groups identify as required to build into future post-Covid.

Increase government support of I.P. living off-reserve 

 Recognize Sovereignty

Make air travel to remote communities an essential service 

Establish a Nation to Nation relationship through the Council of Canadian Governments

Continue to work towards the needs that have already been raised so Indigenous services in health care, education, housing and water are on par with similar services for non-indigenous Canadians. And we want to raise that bar for everyone with Guaranteed Livable Income, Universal Healthcare, Pharma Care & Daycare & Post Secondary Education for All. We will level the playing field so Canadians can continue to shine True North Strong and Free. I do not presume to know what to do with those bodies. That is for their families to say, but I would pledge every resource to identify them. 

10. What do you think is the most important issue facing residents of Kawartha Lakes and how would you tackle fixing it.

Protection of our agriculture and waterfront lands is paramount to me in Kawartha Lakes. Any development must not only comply with current standards (no exemptions for huge developers who skirt the present legislation) but meet higher environmental standards in building practices such as using geothermal/solar etc. less carbon footprint and minimal interference with the natural eco-system. No more breaks for developers who want to break provincial by-laws.



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