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2021 Federal Election Candidate Alison Davidson, People’s Party Of Canada

KAWARTHA LAKES-Kawartha 411 News asked each of the 2021 federal election candidates a series of ten questions on issues of concern to local residents. We will be publishing each of these in the order the responses were received.

These are the answers provided by Alison Davidson, People’s Party of Canada

  1. Tell us a little bit about you and your family.My husband, Matt and I have run our log home business in Sadowa for just over 20 years. We have four children and two grandchildren.
  2. What made you decide to run in this election?I decided to run in this election because of the ruling parties disregard for our constitution including our charter of rights and freedoms. I am also very disappointed with the extreme deficit spending and carbon tax that is driving up inflation. The PPC party are dedicated to restoring our freedom and balancing the budget. My personal values align with the party principles of individual freedom, personal responsibility, fairness and respect.
  3. If elected, what will you do to improve the lack of affordable housing in Kawartha Lakes?Housing is somewhat provincial but mostly a municipal jurisdiction as they do the planning and issue permits. By balancing the budget and reducing the tax burden, the PPC will lower the inflation rate and put more money in people’s pockets to build and buy houses.
  4. If elected, what will you do about the opioid epidemic? All the health mandates that have been implemented to fight the spread of SARS-CoV-2 have caused severe anxiety and stress for much of the population. Depression, suicide, domestic abuse and substance abuse have all risen. The PPC will end all these health mandates and let people go to work, go to school, get together with their social circles, attend weddings and funerals and play sports. It will also free up law enforcement’s precious time by not having to enforce the unlawful mandates and spend more time stopping drug trafficking.
  1. If elected, how will you help seniors who are struggling to make ends meet and have only had nominal increases to CPP and Old Age Security?Rising inflation is a huge problem for those on a fixed income as it reduces the spending power of each dollar. As mentioned above, the PPC plan to reduce the rate of inflation through economic prudence. It is also imperative to stop adding to our federal debt. The debt is over one trillion dollars now. When interest rates rise, which is inevitable, we may find ourselves in a debt crisis. In this case, there will be very little money for anything.
  2. If elected will your party continue with vaccine passports or mandates of any kind?If elected, the PPC will end the vaccine passports and mandates as they are unconstitutional and in contradiction to our rights and freedoms.
  3. What is your party platform when it comes to climate change?Canada is a very small part (2%) of the global pollution. Even if we reduced emissions by half, it would barely make a difference to the globe, while completely devastating the Canadian economy. The carbon tax, along with burdensome and tedious regulation is driving manufacturing to places like China and India, where together, over half of the global pollution is coming from. The PPC will end the federal carbon tax. We will create an economic atmosphere that encourages business investment and innovation in products and practices that support clean air, water and soil, and bring manufacturing back to Canada, where we take care of our employees and our environment.
  4. Will your party implement any kind of tax on a principal residence? No
  1. If elected, what will your party do to further truth and reconciliation with our indigenous communities? What about the bodies of children found at residential schools across the country?I strongly believe that we should all know exactly what went on with our indigenous in the past and in the present. It is very important to know our history, no matter how horrific, so that we never repeat it! The PPC will replace outdated and disrespectful Indian Act with an agreement, made in consultation with the indigenous people, giving them ownership of their land and economic opportunity to be involved in resource development.
  2. What do you think is the most important issue facing residents of Kawartha Lakes and how would you tackle fixing it?Right now, the most important issue facing us all is the loss of our freedom. Without freedom, the other issues lose meaning. If the ruling governments continue to disregard our highest law, our constitution, then they can’t be trusted to do anything in the best interest of the people. The PPC is truly a party of the people. We will restore freedom and accountability of our leaders.


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