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Want to Shed Stubborn Fat: Try These Tips

KAWARTHA LAKES-Weight loss is a hot topic and so many people will try anything to shed those last ten pounds. To avoid going on crash diets that only leave you feeling deprived and gaining it all back in the end (and maybe even more!), here are some sustainable tips to leave you feeling and looking your best.

  • Making Eating Right a Lifestyle:This is hands down the most obvious thing to do, but hear me out. Think of your mindset around food. What comfort foods do you reach for when you are stressed? What is your relationship with food like? Observe your patterns.
    These lifestyle factors are huge when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight. Many of us reach for starchy, crunchy or sweet foods when we seek comfort or when we’re overwhelmed. Sometimes it’s all the office birthdays, company lunches, and happy hours that just add up. Maybe it’s a long commute and your just get used to hitting the drive-through on the way home.
    Whatever the diet sabotage is for you, identify it, and figure out a way to bring more health into the equation. Can you pack snacks? Can you crowd out your plate with vegetables? Can you opt for a healthier option? Knowledge is powerful and plans put that knowledge into action.
  • Practice Mindfulness:We live in a fast paced world. There is always something calling us, there’s always some kind of stimulus, and things keep moving whether we like it or not!
    So practice slowing things down with mindfulness. Take a few minutes each morning to take a deep breath, and be grateful. When you sit down to each meal, savour each bite, chew, and taste your food. Observe whether its crunchy or smooth, salty, sweet, bitter, pungent, etc. Look at your plate: does it look delicious. These are all ways to slow things down and practice mindful eating. When food goes into our mouth, chewing is actually the first part of the digestive process. SO chew your food 30 times before swallowing. Don’t think you can do 30? Just practice chewing more thoroughly. You’ll be shocked at how much less bloating and how much better your digestion is after doing so.
  • Nix Nighttime EatingThis can be a tough one for some. When the sun goes down (especially during these darker months) we look to food as our energy source. Some may find that they crave denser or more carbohydrate heavy foods at night. Again, this is a comfort thing. Make sure you are getting enough sleep and rest and you’ll start to balance our your Circadian Rhythms, meaning you’ll seek these dense foods less because you already have enough energy.
    Set yourself a “curfew” for eating. For some, dinner as the last meal can help to nix nighttime snacking. For others, maybe you need that before bed snack, but try to stop eating at least 2 hours before bed. Why? Lying down makes it more difficult to digest!
    Try it and I am sure you’ll notice you are more rested AND better digested in the morning!

We are all different and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely works when it comes to stubborn fat loss. What works long term is having excellent habits, like taking good care of yourself and putting your health first. If you are looking for weekly recipes and tips, join my mailing list! You can do so by visiting www.sweathappywellness.com

Becky Sheehey is a Holistic Health Coach, and a Pilates and Movement Expert with a background in Kinesiology. She lives in Lindsay.

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Becky Sheehey
Becky Sheehey
Becky Sheehey is a Holistic Health Coach, and a Pilates and Movement Expert with a background in Kinesiology. She lives in Lindsay.

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