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4 Tips for closing up the cottage for the winter

By Tom and Wendy Hunt, Real Estate Experts, Hunt 4 Dreams Realty

KAWARTHA LAKES-As the sun sets on summer 2017 and fall approaches many people will have started thinking about closing up the cottage for the winter.

Aside from the obvious things like putting away the patio furniture and getting rid of any left over food there are a few other important considerations you need to remember.

WATER – If you are on a dug or shallow well or draw your water from the lake/river you will either need to insert a heatline into your water intake to prevent freezing or close off all of the water to the cottage for the season. Ensure you drain every source of water from taps to showers to hot water tanks to ensure there is no chance of pipes freezing in the winter and bursting in the spring thaw before you even come up! Where needed pouring seasonal environmentally friendly antifreeze down the lines is very helpful.

SEALING UP THE OPENINGS-Ensure ALL openings to the cottage are sealed – either with tape/insulation/or foam to ensure all of mother nature’s critters don’t find that small entry point that allows them a cozy place to winter & have their babies in the spring. This includes all roof/attic access as well.

DON’T FORGET THE BOAT-Winterizing your boat is a task generally given to the professionals. Along with winterizing the motor again sealing all possible entry points. Many people have come back up only to find the interior of their boat completely destroyed by critters looking for shelter & cushioning.

TO HEAT OR NOT TO HEAT-As we have learned all well lately shutting the hydro off to your cottage does not negate the charge for delivery. Keeping the heat at a low point 45/50 degrees will generally ensure you don’t have frozen pipes and the walls tend to crack less with some heat. Some people however, don’t want to pay any more then they have to and shut everything down for the year and start things back up in the spring. Don’t forget the pilot light & propane tank! Turning the propane off at the tank and turning the pilot light off saves you emptying the tank and having not heat in the spring!

These are just a few of the important things you should be doing this fall. For a full list or for real estate advice you can reach Tom and Wendy here:http://hunt4dreams.com

photo credit: Cord Cardinal Autumn Evening at the Lake via photopin (license)

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