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Kawartha Lakes Firefighters Stressing The Importance Of Fire Safety After Three Recent Residential Fires

‘Keep The Wreath Green Campaign’ marks a change: Three Green Bulbs Change to Red

KAWARTHA LAKES-Three residential structure fires have occurred in Kawartha Lakes in the past week. The incidents took place on Russell Street in Lindsay, Cedar Crescent near Janetville and Elm Tree Road south of Cambray Road. Two of the fires are currently being investigated by the Ontario Fire Marshal and one of the fires resulted in the tragic loss of a person’s life.

In the wake of these incidents, Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service (KLFRS) stresses the importance of practising fire safety, particularly during the holiday season.

On December 1, 2023, KLFRS launched the Keep the Wreath Green holiday safety program. The campaign aims to encourage residents to adopt preventative measures, ensuring a safe and fire-free environment during the holiday season.

Green bulbs on the holiday wreath signify a fire-free day. For each commercial or residential fire that occurs within Kawartha Lakes, a green bulb will be replaced with a red bulb. As a result of the three fires, there are now three red bulbs on the wreath.

This campaign aims to raise awareness about fire safety during the holiday season and encourage preventative measures. The red bulbs on the wreath now serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of practicing fire safety measures in your home.

The green-to-red bulb change serves as a call to action, urging residents to prioritize fire safety. Regular checks and maintenance of smoke alarms are critical, especially in multi-unit dwellings where interconnected alarms can make a significant difference in evacuation times.

Fortunately, the basement tenants of the Russell Street dwelling managed to escape unharmed, thanks to a working smoke alarm that was interconnected with the upper level alarm of the residence where the fire originated. The functioning alarm played a pivotal role in alerting the occupants, underscoring the crucial importance of early detection.

Residents are urged to report any information about the fires that may aid the ongoing investigations. Any one with information is asked to contact the Kawartha Lakes Police Service at 705-324-5252 or Crime Stoppers online at www.khcrimestoppers.com or call 1-800-222-8477.




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