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Applications For Canada Summer Jobs Program 2024 Now Open

KAWARTHA LAKES-On November 21 the Federal government launched the employer application period for the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) Program 2024.

Employers from not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, and private sector organizations with 50 or fewer full-time employees in Canada can apply for funding until January 10, 2024, to hire young Canadians next summer. Full-time job placements will become available starting in April 2024.

CSJ 2024 will aim to create 70,000 summer jobs for young Canadians, with an emphasis on creating jobs for youth facing barriers to employment.

The government says the priorities for CSJ 2024 are:

  • Youth with disabilities or with organizations that provide services to persons with disabilities;
  • Youth that are underrepresented in the labour market, including:
    • Black and other racialized youth
    • Indigenous youth
    • 2SLGBTQI+ youth
  • Youth in rural areas, remote communities, or official language minority communities;
  • Jobs that provide exposure or experience related to the skilled trades, which may include opportunities in the residential construction sector; and
  • Sustainable jobs that support the protection of the environment or delivering positive environmental outcomes.

Employers interested in applying for CSJ 2024 funding are encouraged to submit their applications electronically on the Grants and Contributions Online Services (GCOS) portal. Creating a GCOS account is a one-time process that allows organizations to apply for various Employment and Social Development Canada funding opportunities  in a secure web environment.

The CSJ program is one of two programs that Employment and Social Development Canada delivers under the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy (YESS). Delivered in partnership by 12 federal departments, agencies and Crown corporations, the YESS is a horizontal Government of Canada initiative that supports youth between the ages of 15 and 30 to gain the work experience and develop the skills they need to successfully transition into the labour market. In early October, the Government launched a call for proposals under Employment and Social Development Canada’s YESS Program to fund projects that support youth who are facing barriers to employment.

To further support youth, additional funding opportunities are currently available through the Canada Service Corps (CSC) for organizations that provide meaningful volunteer service opportunities for young people between the ages of 12 and 30. Organizations can apply for funding through the CSC call for proposals until December 19, 2023. Through the call, the CSC will aim to create approximately 36,000 service opportunities for youth.

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