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Christmas Memories Of Fenelon Falls Santa

By Pat Warren

KAWARTHA LAKES-A few weeks ago, a friend told me to check out the Maryboro Museum FB page. To my amazement, there was a picture and story about my Great Grandfather Robson and my Grandfather Warren.

I was especially heartened to read about my Grandfather Fred Warren who played Santa for the local kids in the 30’s 40’s and 50’s.

Mimi Vickers posted a cute story on that site which read, “My grandfather Wilf Havery heard my cousins tell the rest of us ,there was no such as thing as Santa Claus, so he arranged with the telephone operator Blanche that when he picked up the phone and asked for the North Pole, she would connect to Fred Warren’s house…made a believer out of my cousin and we all talked to “ Santa” She also said that every person my cousin named who could be on the phone walked into the room to prove him wrong .I found out who Santa was when I was a grown woman …the good ole days.”

My dad, Don Warren who passed away a couple of years ago, remembered sitting on Santa’s knee when he was a young child in the late 20’s and saying,” gee Santa you look like my dad “and Santa replied “it’s a wise child who knows his father on a night as this”

My Grandfather, Fred Warren was a very special man who made the community and Christmas more wonderful.

Pat Warren

Christmas ,2021


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