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Recharge, Rewind And Nurture With Nature At Soul’s Path In Blackstock

KAWARTHA LAKES – After living through a year and a half of pandemic stress residents can recharge, rewind and nurture with nature at Soul’s Path.

“Our main goal is to offer a wellness retreat location that provides many options for people to choose what they need to relax and disconnect, to leave their responsibilities behind and really connect back to themselves, to nature, to connect with others, and there are a lot of ways to fulfill themselves here with where they’re at in life,” said Co-Owner Nancy Metcalf. “Covid didn’t inspire it but definitely created shifts that made it really important to us.”

A recent Ipsos-Reid/CTV poll revealed that 63 percent of Canadians say they are feeling at least the same (21%) or more (42%) stress in their lives as compared with five years ago and 50 percent say stress negatively impacts their sleep patterns. Meanwhile, 45 percent of employed Canadians say workplace stress has a negative impact on their home life. Half (50%) of Canadians say stress has a negative impact on their sleep patterns and 45 percent of Canadians say stress negatively impacts on their personal health.

According to Metcalf, Soul’s Path stretches across 58 acres of scenic, peaceful land, giving visitors the opportunity to take a pause from life. The new retreat will offer various retreats all year long, overnight options, spa packages, kids programs and more.

After much success with summer programs for kids, day camps will continue into the fall as many parents continue to look for school alternatives. Kids fall programs will focus on life skill-building, hands-on learning, various projects and lessons that teach life skills in different ways. Attendees will learn how to use tools, cook and bake, how to build and construct, how to grow, mechanics, maintenance and more.

“These skills aren’t always taught in school,” said Metcalf. “With those projects, we will incorporate math and science, from planning projects and costs of materials, budgeting and costs and measuring with baking.”

Located at 2685 Shirley Road, Blackstock, ON, their grand opening, Purplestock, is on August 28 with ample opportunity to relax and shed the stresses of everyday life while discovering all they have to offer.

Purplestock, will become an annual festival that will offer an abundance of opportunities to recharge. Visitors can enjoy live music, dancing, sound healing, wellness services, various food vendors and more. Children will also have the opportunity to enjoy activities at the supervised kids’ zone in the children’s only section of the forest.

“It’s a fun experience where kids can just be free to play but away from the helicopter parents that may not always allow their kids to be totally free, kids need that ability,” said Metcalf. “Some kids don’t have that opportunity, so we want to provide that.”

Metcalf noted that Purplestock will begin with opening ceremonies with an open circle sound bath where attendees can feel the vibration of the singing bowls, which she says offers various healing properties.

A sound bath is described as a meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. These waves are produced by various sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself.

Multiple bands will also be performing live music of different genres and a drumming circle will end the celebration.

“It’s really important to step back and take time for yourself, especially in nature, nature is very healing and grounding and that’s the magic of our property, people literally leave their stresses, it starts to roll off as they’re driving out of the city, into the countryside,” said Metcalf. “Take time for yourself and assess where those stresses are, what is stressing you the most, decide if it is important enough to make a change and commit to that change or commit to problem-solving to make it better.”

For more information on Soul’s Path, or to purchase a Purplestock ticket, visit soulspath.ca., call 905.452.2012 or email [email protected]

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