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The Ross Memorial Hospital Welcomes New General Surgeon, Fossil Hunter And Wildlife Photographer

KAWARTHA LAKES-Ross Memorial Hospital has recently welcomed a new general surgeon to its team.

Doctor Dan Kelly, his wife and three sons have been settling into their new community of Lindsay and are excited to now call it home.

After graduating from the University of Ottawa as a general surgeon, Doctor Kelly moved to Northern Ontario with his young family. The Kelly family then moved to the mountains of British Columbia in 2017. While there, Doctor Kelly continued to enjoy his passion for fossil hunting and wildlife photography.

“I work hard but I am also human, I have interests and hobbies, being a surgeon doesn’t define me, I love it, it’s my number one passion and I have always loved it and enjoyed it, I care for patients and people, I want to help them,” said Doctor Kelly. “On the flip side, I have things I love to do, fossil hunting, wildlife photography, hanging out with my three sons and wife, I have a balanced life which is important, and I think Lindsay can offer that and I’m pretty excited about it.”

And as much as the Kelly family enjoyed the mountain life, their hearts led them back to Ontario. At the Ross Memorial Hospital, Doctor Kelly is looking forward to working with his new colleagues and will have the task of completing various cancer-related surgeries and more.

“I am excited to be working with a close-knit community, my colleagues work really well together. I haven’t seen any disputes or arguments, it’s actually pretty comforting,” he said. “I’m excited to work with a nice group of people and get to know them and get to know the town, and to have my kids grow up here and get into the sports and activities that Lindsay offers.”

During his free time, Doctor Kelly is looking forward to continuing with his passions for fossil hunting and wildlife photography in the Kawartha Lakes. As a kid, his love for fossils developed when he would hunt with his father in Alberta and Nova Scotia at the age of eight.

“Since then, I spend time doing it, reading about it and learning, I am fortunate that the Kawartha Lakes area has lots of fossils, so it is amazing, there are lots of fossil opportunities here,” said Doctor Kelly.

For the last 20 years, wildlife photography has also been a big part of his life. Self-taught, with a love for Canadian wildlife, his portfolio is impressive.

Owl in Kingston, ON.
Courtesy – Dan Kelly

“I’ve always been into nature, I used my dad’s camera and fell in love with it,” he said.

Some of Doctor Kelly’s greatest shots have been taken all over Canada and North America. He is thrilled to continue with his passions of fossil hunting and photography in the Kawartha Lakes and beyond while continuing his career as a general surgeon.

Doctor Kelly’s photography collection can be seen on Instagram at dankellywildlife.

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