Numerous Local Residents Report Mysterious Loud Boom And Earth Rumbling Saturday Night

KAWARTHA LAKES-Numerous residents from across the region reported a mysterious loud boom along with earth rumblings on Saturday night.

It happened at approximately 9:15 and was heard in parts of Fenelon Falls, Little Britain, Valentia, Dunsford and beyond.

Joe Grace who lives in Hickory Beach area said the ground shook in his area around 9:15pm. He told Kawartha 411 it shook the floor of his home and sounded like thunder rumbling. Grace said they had three “tremors”.

On the Little Britain Community Association Facebook page numerous residents reported hearing a loud boom at approximately the same time. Patricia Cox said it shook her house. Others said they felt it in Pleasant Point, on Ramsey Road, March Creek, Beach Road, Ball Point and more. Catharine Wray commented that it rattled the windows. Alisha McTaggart said she herd a strange sound on Cottage Road before Washburn Island.

Kawartha Lakes Fire and Rescue Chief Mark Pankhurst said there were numerous reports from across the world around the same time.

“I am not aware of anything serious.” Pankhurst told Kawartha 411 News. “There was an earthquake in Japan around the same time and unusual sounds were heard all over our area and North America. Could have been a major ice crack on the lake.”

Kawartha 411 checked with the United States Geological Service and there were no reports of earthquakes in our area at the time. The Earthquake in Onagawa Japan was 7.1 magnitude.

The Us Meteorological Society also had no reports of meteors in our area at the time.

We contacted the Canadian Forces to see if they had any aircraft operations or training going on in the area.

“Please be advised that we had no aircraft operating in that region at that time.” Maj Trevor Reid, Senior Public Affairs Officer, 1 Canadian Air Division / Canadian NORAD Region Headquarters Canadian Armed Forces told Kawartha 411 News.

A meteor is reported to have hit Devon, Somerset and Dorset areas in England at 3pm. Residents reported hearing the loud bang just before 3pm yesterday – with some reports houses shook and car alarms were set off.

The mystery around what caused the bang locally remains unsolved.