Health Unit Expecting 4,500 Doses Of The Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Next Week

KAWARTHA LAKES-The health unit says it is expecting 4,500 doses of the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine next week.

Dr. Ian Gemmil the Acting Medical Officer of Health for Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge District Health Unit says so far 1,700 residents of long term care have received the first dose of the vaccine and they will receive their second dose when the new supply comes in.

“The flood gates haven’t opened but supply is improving for those who are waiting,” Gemmill said. “Next we will start to get staff, essential caregivers and high-risk health care workers immunized.”

Gemmill explained the 4,500 doses is based on getting 6 doses per vial and that they will do their best to do so.

The vaccine will be sent to Ross Memorial Hospital in Lindsay and Northumberland Hills Hospital because both facilities now have the ultra-cold freezer to store them.

Gemmill says mass vaccinations probably won’t take place until Health Canada approves a fridge stable vaccine.

“We don’t have any licensed at the moment, so much easier to manage and so on,” Gemmill explained. “I have not yet heard there’s been an approval of Astra Zeneca or Janssen vaccine which don’t require ultra-cold storage.”

Still, he says he’s hopeful they will be able to get everything done by the end of the summer.

The province is working on an Ontario wide reservation system for mass vaccinations according to Gemmill.

“So you can go into one website or phone number and find a spot and book an appointment so that we don’t have 2000 people all showing up at once for a vaccine.”