Ross Memorial Hospital Ready And Willing To Take Out Of Area Patient Transfers During Pandemic Surge


KAWARTHA LAKES-Officials at Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH)in Lindsay say they are ready, willing and able to take out-of-area patient transfers, with or without Coronavirus, if needed during the pandemic.

“Ross Memorial Hospital is a partner within our regional and provincial healthcare system. We, along with all other hospitals in the system, may be called upon to accept patient transfers from other areas where the system is experiencing critically high patient volumes. Patients transferred here may or may not be positive for COVID-19.” Kelly Isfan President and CEO, RMH told Kawartha 411 News. “Throughout the pandemic, all partners in our provincial healthcare system are working together to provide access to care for Ontarians, while continuing to provide our care programs and services at the local level.”

At this time the hospital has not been asked to receive any patient transfers related to COVID-19, though, along with any other Ontario hospital with capacity, they may be called upon at any time to do so according to Isfan.

This comes as a memo from Ontario Health directs hospitals with unoccupied intensive care beds to reserve one third of the space for transfers from hospitals exceeding capacity.

Medical facilities in areas with community transmission were also told to continue non-COVID-19 in-person care “without delay,” and prepare plans to defer non-urgent care if necessary.