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Municipal Election-Ward 5 Profile

KAWARTHA LAKES-Ward Five is the smallest ward in terms of size and is in the centre of the City of Kawartha Lakes. It includes much of the Town of Lindsay. According to the 2014 Final Voters List there are 8942 electors in Ward Five.

The boundaries are as follows:

North – West ½ of Lot 28 Concession 8 Ops; lands lying south of Lot 29 west ½ Concessions 6, 7 and 8 to Sturgeon Lake; follow Lake to south boundary of Ward 3

East – West ½ of Lot 21 to 28 Concession 8 Ops

South – Dew Drop Inn Road to Hwy 7B/35 to Kent Street West, jog Lindsay Street North to Kent Street East to west ½ of Lot 21 Concession 8 Ops

West – East ½ Lot 22 Concession 10 – intersection adjacent to Dew Drop Inn Road.

There are four candidates vying to represent WArd Five at council. Derrick Camphorst, Pat Dunn, Duncan Gallacher and John Hagarty.

We asked each candidate the same three questions.

1)What are the top three issues in your ward?
2)If elected what would you do about these issues?
3)A Facebook poll we conducted found that the majority of residents (who answered the poll)would prefer better roads over lower taxes. Would you increase taxes to fix our roads?

The responses are posted in the order in which they were received.

John Hagarty

What are the top issues in your ward?

This is a challenging question for Ward 5 as it’s issues cover a large and diverse geographical area, from stalled development in the west end, our Airport, the proposed HWY 7 widening to 4 lanes and imacts at HWY 35, downtown development (Kent St.) and impacts on parking, to transit to the north ward (Springdale Gardens/Ken Reid Conservation Area) and our landfill in the east…having said that if I had to pick 3… I would say:

1. Parking versus development in the downtown, shouldn’t be a conflict.

What would I do? – We need to be more open, transparent and accountable – let’s stop wasting money on consultants and build a parking garage;

2. Stalled development in the west end, this has taken far too long

What would I do? – The North-West Trunk is in place, let’s get on with it…it’s getting embarrassing – if Walmart doesn’t want to go there let’s determine who does, let’s be proactive versus reactive on development – begin projects with the end in mind;

3. The pending Kent St. infrastructure redevelopment (Store Front to Store Front) needs to be linked to a parking solution (garage(s),

What would I do? Before commencement – I’d ask “how effectively have we communicated this issue to effected businesses?” “How will they be able to manage the impacts?’ I have questions and concerns. We need BIA input, broadly communicated/consultations to/with all downtown businesses and residents.

A majority of residents would prefer better roads over lower taxes. Would you increase taxes to fix our roads?

The City maintains 5,400 lane kilometres of roads, thats a challenge.  They have recently completed a Roads Master Plan that identifies productivity, legislative requirements and service delivery objectives over the next twenty-five years. I’m committed to making informed decisions and then budgeting for them…will that require increases in taxes? Likely as its expensive to properly maintain our roads, there’s no getting away from that, but those decisions will always be informed, budgeted and made in the best interest of our residents and visitors.

Duncan Gallacher

What are the top three issues in your ward?

I would define the three top issues in the ward is a need for a strong innovative economic strategy. The need to improve the city’s infrastructure and utility services.  Finally, the need for a strong council member that creates confidence not only for the residences of Ward 5 but in the employees of the city so they can feel supported in doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.  Dealing with the last issue would move Ward 5 and the city forward with all issues and help remove the frustration and malaise that permeates this once proud area that is now known as the City of Kawartha Lakes.

If elected what would you do about these issues?

With the economic strategy, I would look at both conventional and unconventional ways to strengthen the economy.  We have all heard of companies that wanted to build in the city that have been scared away by council with little or no logical explanation. A city that is only ninety minutes away from the financial capital of Canada should not be so slow to develop. We have local businesses that are looking to improve and expand only to face roadblocks from council if they are not from the right crowd. That must end. Allowing smart development would not hinder development in other areas of the economy, it would enhance it for many, not just a select few. We must look at unconventional development for our area. We say that we are part of cottage country and yet there is a lack of effort to make Lindsay part of the cottage country experience. This hinders the cottage industry in the north part of the City of Kawartha Lakes which is vital to the cities economy. We have world class artist and artisans that get minimal acknowledgement from the city. We have an agriculture sector that still blends the qualities of friends and neighbours growing our food with the high-tech advancements of the 21st century. Lastly, we have a world class college in our town that has only been looked at as rental income for so long. What ways could both the college and the city work together to strengthen both? These are the innovative avenues that could be explored to move the city forward.

Simply put, with infrastructure and utilities, we must do two things. We must do our utmost to make sure that tax payers’ money is spent as efficiently and transparently as possible. Secondly if you have to spend tax money, be ready as a councillor to explain in great detail to the residents of the city why you spent it the way you did. I have never accepted and never use the term “you won’t understand”.  The vast majority of people will understand if you take the time to talk to them. Council creates the policies that guide the city and should be the front line for the city workers, not hiding behind them.

This ties into the last issue mentioned. Strong leadership at the council level.  Councillors should commit to help the people that vote them in. We need accountability. The most direct way I will help this is to hold regular open meetings that are publicly announced and paid for at my own expense to be more accessible to the public. I will take questions, listen to concerns, explain council decisions and get yelled at if need be. Because at the end of the day, that is what council is there for.

A Facebook poll we conducted found that the majority of residents would prefer better roads over lower taxes. Would you increase taxes to fix our roads?

Yes, only if it is done as efficiently and transparently as possible.  See my explanation above on infrastructure for why.

Derrick Camphorst

What are the top three issues in your ward?

After campaigning door to door in Ward 5, these are the top three issues that have been brought to my attention

Issue #1 – Residence are concerned about the lack of employment opportunities for our children and grandchildren in CKL.

Issue #2 – Residence are frustrated with the lack of customer service when making inquiries or dealing with CKL.

Issue #3 – The option of merging the Ross Memorial Hospital and the Peterborough Hospital has residence greatly concerned about the impact it may have on the services provided at Ross Memorial Hospital.

If elected what would you do about these issues?
If fortunate enough to be elected Councillor for Ward 5, this is how I would advocate for these issues:

Issue #1 – Promoting CKL as being “Open for Business” to any potential new businesses and existing businesses. Businesses need to feel welcome and supported when operating in the CKL. This will create job opportunities for our children and grandchildren.

Issue #2 – In my personal dealings with staff of CKL, I have experience good customer service but for the most part it has been quite challenging. It needs to be brought to the attention starting at the top and work its way down. As a Councillor I will bring this to the forefront and make them aware that this is an issue that needs attention.

Issue # 3 – At this time there is not much information about the merger. If the merger is going to take away services in Lindsay making it difficult for residents to obtain health care, I would be against this. If anything we need to expand the services in Lindsay to accommodate our aging population.

A Facebook poll we conducted found that the majority of residents would prefer better roads over lower taxes. Would you increase taxes to fix our roads?

The road issues have been worked on over the last four years and taxes were increased to resolve some road issues. This year there will be another five million dollars spent towards road repairs. At this point I would not be in support of raising taxes because there is a financial plan in place to move forward and maintain the roads.

Pat Dunn

  1. What are the top three issues in your ward
          1. Taxes and water bills are too high.
          2. Snow removal, especially on sidewalks after large storms.
           3.  Speed of traffic especially in areas where children play and seniors walk.
Probably what is even more important though is people want someone to speak for them on their individual little issues. People feel no one cares.
  1. If elected what would you do about these issues?
           1. Create a system where Council has meaningful budgets discussions long before the budget is presented to Council for approval.
             2.  Review our snow removal policy and if necessary invest more in the service.
              3.  The City has the authority to reduce speed limits. There needs to be a public discussion to determine if the is a will.  We need to consider all forms of traffic calming.
Council and City staff need to recognize we are employees of the residents. We need to care.
  1. A Facebook poll we conducted found that the majority of residents would prefer better roads over lower taxes. Would you increase taxes to fix our roads?
We have the resources already to fix our roads and we only have the capacity to fix so many roads in any given year.  We need to better dertermine which roads to fix first. So the short answer is no.

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