Hundreds of people report mysterious loud boom near Bobcaygeon


KAWARTHA LAKES-Hundreds of people reported hearing a mysterious loud boom near Bobcaygeon on Saturday night.

Most of the reports centred around the Alpine Village area and Tate’s Bay Road. Some thought it was a meteor, others thought it was an earthquake or an explosion. Many said their foundations shook and windows rattled.

“We were sitting outside and felt the earth move.” said Aleksandra Filipova.

Jessica Lloyd said “The windows and doors were shaking.”

“House shook like a train hit it.” David Smith said.

It happened at around 8:10 pm. Police, fire and ambulance crews rushed to the area after receiving multiple 911 calls. People from Dunsford to Kinmount to Bobcaygeon said they heard it.

Some residents living in the area said there was a large bonfire and someone tossed a propane tank in it, causing an explosion. That has not been confirmed.

We contacted Peterborough County OPP on Saturday night who said they knew nothing about it. Kawartha Lakes Fire Department had not heard anything either. It’s unclear exactly what it was or if there were any injuries.

Tate’s Bay was closed for some time but later reopened.