Transport with six feet of snow on top of trailer hits overhead wires


ONTARIO- The Northumberland OPP responded to reports of a transport truck travelling on Prince Edward Street striking overhead wires due to an excessive amount of snow accumulation on the roof of its trailer this morning.

According to Police the driver failed to stop and continued northbound out of town.Officers located the truck near County Road 30 and County Road 26 with approximately six feet of snow still on top of the trailer. The damaged wires were determined to belong to Bell Canada who was notified of the incident.

The driver, a 51 year old Tweed Ontario man, was charged under the Highway Traffic Act section 109(14) ‘Over height vehicle’.

It is not an offence to drive with an accumulation of snow on the roof of your car, truck or trailer in Ontario, however if that snow or ice flies off and strikes a pedestrian or causes a collision you could be held civilly liable. If your negligence causes a more serious outcome such as a death , criminal charges could result because of your negligence according to Police.

The OPP would like to remind motorists to clear the snow off of their vehicles prior to travelling on the roads. You are required under the Highway Traffic Act (section 74) to clear enough snow to be able to see clearly out of your front, side and rear windows (although there’s an exception for rear windows if you can see with mirrors).