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Annual Door-To-Door Smoke Alarm Campaign Launches In Kawartha Lakes

KAWARTHA LAKES-Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service kicked off its annual door-to-door smoke alarm campaign, aimed at enhancing community safety through proactive fire prevention measures. The campaign, running from June to September, will see firefighters visiting neighbourhoods across Kawartha Lakes to ensure residents have functioning smoke and carbon monoxide alarms installed in their homes.

Officials say the primary objective of this initiative is to raise awareness about the importance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in safeguarding lives and properties against the devastating effects of fire incidents. Statistics indicate that properly installed and maintained smoke alarms can significantly reduce the risk of fatalities in residential fires, Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service is committed to ensuring that every household in the region is adequately equipped.

“Ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents is our top priority,” stated Chief Terry Jones, Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service. “Smoke alarms are critical lifesaving devices, and through our door-to-door campaign, we aim to ensure that every home in Kawartha Lakes is equipped with these essential tools.”

During the campaign, firefighters will provide complimentary smoke and carbon monoxide inspections. Additionally, they will offer valuable fire safety tips and guidance on proper maintenance practices to ensure optimal performance of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

“We encourage all residents to welcome our firefighters into their homes during this campaign,” Chief Jones added. “By working together, we can create safer communities and reduce the risk of fire-related tragedies.”

Residents are reminded to keep an eye out for Kawartha Lakes Fire Rescue Service personnel in their neighbourhoods and to take advantage of this opportunity to enhance their home’s fire safety measures.

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