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International Women’s Day – A Fenelon Granny Perspective

Written by Dana Bachman

KAWARTHA LAKES-There is a group of Grannies in Fenelon Falls who have been involved internationally with women’s rights for almost twenty years.

The Fenelon Falls Grannies For Grannies have been reaching out helping hands to lift up our sisters in Sub-Saharan Africa. Following the AIDs pandemic, which wiped out a whole general of young Africans, the Grannies there were left, grieving the loss of their own children while caring for their orphaned grandchildren. We gave them a goat to feed their grandchildren. We helped with school fees so they could buy the uniforms and send their grandchildren to school.

Now twenty years later, those single goats have grown into community-based businesses; entrepreneurial Grannies coming together to sell goat milk, goat cheese and baby goats. Those Grannies have turned around and started micro-banking to help other Grannies with local based businesses. Those grandchildren have grown up to become contributing citizens in their own countries. We know of one incidence in Kenya, where the granddaughter became a lawyer and was able to defend her own grandmother’s property rights. This is a proud story of empowerment and growth for African women.

Now, in recognition of International Women’s Day let’s focus on our local Grannies. These older women with the wisdom and skills of their years are leaders in our community of Fenelon Falls. They are leaders in the Horticultural Club, they are leaders in the Probus Club, they are leaders in the curling club, they are leaders in their churches. They lead the fundraising in Fenelon Falls for the Ross Memorial Hospital. They spearhead food-raising drives in their churches for the local food banks. They are volunteers at many of the funerals and fundraising events that you attend. They are part of the artistic and cultural scene in our city of Kawartha Lakes. Go Granny power!!
In Solidarity, we are proud of this example of strong women, here and in Africa.
If you are interested in supporting this movement, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Grandmothers Campaign, come to our next big event. Saturday April 6, 10 am to 4:30 pm, St. James Anglican Church, MUSICATHON!! 6 hours of continuous music! Over 100 musicians! An African drumming circle! Many different genres of music, fiddles, choirs, guitar, one little piano student. You can come to support your favourite talent or even better plan to spend the whole day.
Refreshments are available. Admission is by donation.


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