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Printed News And Real Estate Flyer Returns To Kawartha Lakes

KAWARTHA LAKES-It was a weekly ritual for many residents of Kawartha Lakes. Browsing the local real estate listing and checking out the latest news in the City. And now it’s BACK!

When Metroland cancelled the print version of its local real estate flyer and community news it left a void in the City. Many real estate agents expressed concern over the loss of a valuable advertising tool and residents, especially those who aren’t as tech-savvy, mourned the loss of printed news.

Kawartha 411 is bringing both back. The Kawartha Weekly is an innovative, new business model merging an industry paper with local news. As proven by the cancellation of several printed community newspapers recently, printed community news is not financially viable. However, combined with local real estate listings it’s a win-win for all involved.

“I’m very happy and excited to be able to provide the community with print news while filling the void for local real estate agents,” said Pamela VanMeer, President, Kawartha 411 News. “It’s very important for our community to continue to have a community newspaper. Some residents aren’t able to access news online, others simply prefer to enjoy reading the  newspaper and browsing the local real estate offerings while sipping a coffee.”

While the new paper is predominantly real estate listing it will also feature “news you can use” and community events. There is a small section for obituaries as well.

“I had a friend who lost both parents recently and said he had nowhere to publish their obituary to let their friends know what had happened,” said VanMeer. “That’s when we decided to include obituaries.”

Our local real estate agents say they are honoured to be able to play a role in the return of print community news in Kawartha Lakes.

Kawartha Weekly Real Estate, News and Obituaries will be delivered every Thursday to 30,000 homes in Kawartha Lakes and in the yellow newspaper boxes around the community. Look for the inaugural issue today with your flyer delivery!

Of course, you will always be able to get your daily dose of community news here:https://www.kawartha411.ca

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