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Fenelon Falls Lions Club Continue To Support CT Scanner At Ross Memorial Hospital

KAWARTHA LAKES-CT imaging is a critical tool for diagnosing injuries and disease, and for guiding surgeries and cancer treatments. At the Ross, the CT team conducts more than 12,000 scans every year.

It’s a service that would be impossible to provide without the generosity of donors including the Fenelon Falls and District Lions Club.

After ten years and more than 120,000 scans, the Hospital’s CT Scanner reached the end of its useful life and had to be replaced; however, government funding doesn’t cover the cost to replace medical equipment and technology. Thankfully, community-minded people including the members of the Lions Club recognize the critical need for advanced imaging at our local hospital.

They made a pledge to donate $1,000 each year for three years. Today, Lions Club members Barry and Susan Tate, and Lloyd and Deb McIntyre visited the Ross to present their third and final gift of $1,000 to Senior CT Technologist Colleen Patton.

“We’re so grateful to the Fenelon Falls & District Lions Club and all of the donors who are helping fund the new CT Scanner,” said Colleen. “The Lions’ dedication to their community and to patients throughout Kawartha Lakes is wonderful to see. I’m honoured to be able to thank them in person.”

Computerized Tomography (CT) scanning combines a series of images taken from various angles to create cross-sectional views of a patient’s bones, blood vessels and soft tissues. It is considered the gold standard tool to diagnose disease and injuries, to provide precise direction for surgeries, and to guide cancer treatments.

With dual energy capability, the new CT is more advanced, producing higher quality images and more accurate data in less time and with a lower dose of radiation. This is of great importance to young patients and patients with cancer who require regular CT scans to see how treatments are working.

The new CT technology broadens the range of patients who qualify for Cardiac CT Angiography, and reduces the need for patients with complex conditions to travel for CT scans in other hospitals to ensure pinpoint accuracy.


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