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Survivor’s Flag Raised At City Hall In Honour Of National Day For Truth And Reconciliation

KAWARTHA LAKES-The Survivor’s Flag was raised at Kawartha Lakes City Hall on September 26 to honour the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.

The day is meant to remind us of the historical injustices inflicted upon Indigenous people across Canada. It is a day to remember the children who were harmed under the residential school system and honour survivors.

The Survivor’s Flag, a powerful symbol of resilience and hope, was raised on Tuesday reinforcing the municipality’s commitment to recognizing the deep-rooted history of Indigenous peoples in the region and throughout Canada.

Attendees of the flag-raising included Curve Lake First Nations Chief Keith Knott, Métis Councillor Kristy Kennedy, Kawartha Lakes Ward Councillors, and a number of staff, residents and community partners including the OPP. Mayor Doug Elmslie addressed the crowd, referencing the importance of continuing education in the name of reconciliation: By raising this flag, we signify our solidarity with Indigenous peoples and our dedication to the principles of truth and reconciliation. Let us take this moment as a pledge to educate ourselves, our families, and our communities about the history, culture, and contributions of Indigenous People.

Chief Knott imparted a message of hope: “The community has come together as a reminder of the first people of this land and what they endured. This will be my second flag raising here, which I really enjoy returning to do. Being here amongst you is really encouraging- that you took the initiative and the spirit to gather here this morning. I’d like to thank you Mayor, Council and the community. This really makes me feel good that I’m able to come here and do this.”

The flag will be lowered throughout the weekend, to coincide with the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation taking place on Saturday, September 30.

Kawartha Lakes City Hall invites all residents and visitors to take part in activities and initiatives which they say are “aimed at fostering understanding, empathy, and unity within the community. Together, we can work towards healing the wounds of the past and building a more inclusive and equitable future for all”.


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