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The Grove Theatre In Fenelon Falls Looking For Short Term Billets For Travelling Artists

KAWARTHA LAKES-Have some extra space and looking to make some money? The Grove Theatre in Fenelon Falls is looking for short-term housing options (“billets”) for travelling artists for the upcoming 2022 summer season.

The Grove is an outdoor amphitheatre, the first of its kind in the City of Kawartha Lakes, located on the Fenelon Falls Fairgrounds.

The artists, stage managers and designers travel from across Canada and require accommodations for the duration of their contracts, which range from 1 to 8 weeks throughout the season.

What does a billet space look like?

  • ●  Private or semi-private apartments are highly desired (e.g. guest house, bunkie, in-law suite, self-contained bedroom and bathroom, separate entrance, etc.).
  • ●  A private bedroom in a homeowner’s home with access to a shared bathroom, cooking and living space.
  • ●  Walking distance to the amphitheatre on the Fenelon Fairgrounds (ideally no further than 3km), or locations with parking spaces.
  • ●  Must have internet.
  • ●  Must have basic furnishings. (Such as bed, lighting, place for clothing


  • ●  Fridge or designated fridge space.
  • ●  Bonus if there is laundry.

    A walk-through of the space will be required by a theatre representative at the time of interest, as well as before the artists arrive, to ensure agreed-upon standards have been met.

    “These are professional artists who will be busy at the theatre for most of their time with you and are simply looking for a clean, safe, and welcoming home to sleep in at night.” said officials in a press release. “The Grove expects that both Artist and Billet respect each other while living in each other’s space. There are no expectations on either side to engage in social activities with each other, but mutual respect is mandatory. Harassment and discrimination of any kind from either party is not tolerated whatsoever.”


What does a billet host receive?

Artists are used to providing a small weekly stipend to those willing to billet. Visiting artists pay homeowners directly and, as they are often paying for these local accommodations on top of rent or a mortgage in their hometowns, The Grove is looking for community supporters to make it possible to provide affordable options that also match the standard across the country. Standard rates are:

  • ●  Private room in a shared space starting at $100/week
  • ●  Private spaces starting at $150/week

Billets will also receive 2 complimentary tickets to the opening night show of our main stage production.

“By welcoming our artists into your homes, you make it possible for us to bring some top theatre professionals to our community.” explained officials.

Upcoming Billeting Needs:

July 4th-August 29th 2022*
July 24th-29th 2022
*Additional shorter accommodation needs exist within these dates, and others are always popping up, please get in touch with the theatre to discuss the availability of your space.

Artists and the homeowners who welcome them are required to be fully vaccinated.

If you would like to discuss your space as a possible artist accommodation option, please send an email to [email protected]

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