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Bobcaygeon’s First Legal Cannabis Dispensary Opening This Spring

KAWARTHA LAKES – Vape it, roll it, smoke it or eat it in Bobcaygeon.

This spring, local residents won’t have to travel far to find all of their cannabis needs as Trease, the first local, legal pot shop, will soon be open for business.

When the opportunity surfaced to open and operate a legal cannabis dispensary, long-time cannabis enthusiast, CEO, Abe Navarro decided to open shop and follow his dreams in the small town of Bobcaygeon.

“I’ve had a personal struggle in my life, it was defining for me, do I go back and do the same that I’ve done in the past or maybe it’s time to focus on me and bettering myself and setting me up for my future, instead of talking about it, I’ll put my mind to it and commit to it,” said Navarro.

Armed with an extensive retail background, expertise and a knowledgeable team of family and friends, he is ready to offer residents a memorable, reliable and comfortable experience. When putting his team together, Navarro approached the individuals that would enable him to grow his business, an accountant, an entrepreneur, his parents and more.

“We are launching a cannabis brand,” he said.

Navarro noted that most dispensaries offer a very sterile, uncomfortable atmosphere while Trease will boast an entirely new experience with a warm, welcoming atmosphere that is sure to welcome an array of users.

“We are all selling the same stuff but what is it about our brand that differentiates us, it’s a rituality thing, vape, eat, roll a joint, there is always something behind it,” he said. “No one has translated that into modern, legal, mainstream cannabis culture, we are giving time back, to have another layer of experience with their smoke.”

Cannabis in Canada is now legal for both recreational and medicinal purposes. The federal Cannabis Act came into effect on October 17, 2018, and made Canada the second country in the world, after Uruguay, to formally legalize the cultivation, possession, acquisition and consumption of cannabis and its by-products.

Trease will be a government-regulated operation, but Navarro is hopeful that his storefront will offer an experience like no other.

The interior of the store will resemble a rustic cottage with unique displays of various cannabis products and branded merchandise such as hoodies, blankets, toques and more.

Sneak Peek at Trease

“The décor is everything we love about Bobcaygeon and the Kawarthas, we put it into the store and we are breaking the mold of sterility, it’s a warm environment and our staff will walk you through your purchase,” said Navarro.  “We want it to be a community hub and try to end the stigma around it and show people, it’s normal. I’m a father of four and I’m a super productive member of society, employing a large group of people and it’s time to flip the script of what the idea of a cannabis user is. It’s for everybody.”

Navarro noted that he will strive to reach every legal age demographic in hopes of breaking the stigma that surrounds the use of cannabis. The team plans to hire a wide range of employees to represent a diverse group of people that may visit the store.

“There’s a whole culture behind it, we want it to be a community hub, a family environment, we want to hire and be inclusive,” he said. “A lot of cannabis stores only hire “good looking”, young people, that’s not what a user is.”

As a teenager, Navarro dreamed of opening a cannabis dispensary and he looks forward to working with the residents on Bobcaygeon and beyond while offering his knowledge and passion for the industry.

“It’s a dream come true,” said Navarro. “We’re offering a unique customer service experience, unlike our competitors. We provide a genuine, comfortable, compassionate and knowledgeable customer service experience.”

For more information visit http://Trease.ca, treaseinc on Facebook or Trease_inc on Instagram.



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