Study Finds Bridge In Fenelon Falls “Prone To Failure”, Repairs Needed Immediately

KAWARTHA LAKES-A bridge conditions survey done by C.M. Wills and Associates revealed the Fenelon Falls bridge is “prone to failure’ and needs repaired immediately.

The survey specifically found that the expansion joint detail on the structure is prone to failure. In addition to the type of joint on this bridge, further investigation revealed that the concrete and reinforcing steel in the joints are in very poor condition.┬áThe company recommended immediately “reinforcing the 2 existing joints to eliminate the risk of failure and ensure structural safety until a full rehabilitation of the structure is complete.”

At Wednesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting the engineering department recommended council authorize the required funds in the amount of $349,934 for the work. The project would be funded from the uncommitted portion of the capital contingency reserve.

On September 3 , 2020, submissions for quotes for the rehabilitation design for the Lindsay Street Bridge in Fenelon Falls were received. The project was awarded to D.M. Wills and Associates. The first task completed under the assignment was a bridge condition survey which subsequently found the structural issues.

The objective of the work is to install a structural steel frame support under the bridge at each expansion joint. This work will be completed behind cofferdams (between the piers) and ideally in dry conditions. The Supports are required to ensure ongoing safety and load capacity of the bridge, and will be permanent until further bridge rehabilitation/replacement can be undertaken.

Clearwater Structures has been hired to do the work. Officials say Clearwater is planning and mobilizing in order to execute the work in a timely manner. Construction is expected to commence late January/early February and is expected to take three to four weeks to complete. Little to no impact to traffic is expected according to the City.

The issue will come back to full council for approval on January 28th.