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What is your poop telling you?

KAWARTHA LAKES-Most of us don’t really think all that much about our poop. It’s a taboo topic and we tend to shy away from getting into lengthy conversations with our friends and family about our bathroom habits.

But your poop can tell you so much about the health of your digestive system and really is something we should be paying attention to. Changes in the colour, shape, and texture of your stool can be a sign of indigestion, infection, and even disease.

When you start to focus on the health of your digestive tract, your start to shed light on your own personal Microbiome. Medical science is now entering the era of the microbiome. Researchers and doctors are now discovering the importance of the microbiome and how to restore its balance, in order to reduce inflammation-which contributes to many chronic diseases. In fact, poop science is just reaching a peak, with scientists using fecal transplants to cure depression, alleviate cancer symptoms, and help with heart disease.

Your microbiome is a compilation of microbes living in your digestive tract and on your skin. The microbiome is a living system that starts at your mouth and continues all the way down to your colon. When the microbes in your gut are out of balance, your body can’t absorb nutrients the way it should. When nutrients are not absorbed, they can be passed into the blood and cause inflammation, which can lead to heart disease, chronic pain, weight gain, digestive issues, and brain fog, to name a few.

How can you determine if your Microbiome is healthy? Fecal matter is 75 percent water and 25 percent solid matter, consisting of dead bacteria, indigestible food and inorganic substances. You want to be having regular bowel movements that rae consistent in shape, colour, and texture. The Bristol Stool Chart is a simple google search away and can tell you a little bit about what a regular bowel movement should look like. 
A regular bowel movement should occur at least once per day, preferably once after every meal. Healthy, regular stools are an indicator of a healthy microbiome.

How to Improve Your Poop

Eat Real Whole Foods

Eat foods that are colourful and full of healthy fibre. I always tell my clients to eat hydrating foods. Eating fruits and vegetables that already have a high water content help a great deal with digestion. Make sure you listen to your body and fill up on the good stuff!

Consume Probiotics

Probiotic foods contain good bacteria that support our gut health. Fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut, and kimchi are just some of the fermented foods that help to repopulate your gut with healthy bacteria, which will help with digestion. You can also opt to take a probiotic, but make sure it’s a high quality supplement like Genuine Health.

Get a Squatty Potty

A Squatty Potty is a very neat invention created by a physiotherapist to alleviate his patient’s pooping problems. This device wraps around the base of your toilet and elevates your feet by about 5 inches, allowing your colon to line up properly. This better alignment leads to less time on the toilet and better poops!

Drink Enough Water

Water helps to keep the colon and it’s contents hydrated, leading to easier digestion and an easier time when passing your stool. Make sure you are adequately hydrated by keeping your water bottle with you at all times and taking regular sips throughout the day.

Test Your Poop

I recently purchased a poop testing kit from a company called Viome. I have not yet received my results, but you can check out their website at www.viome.com. Viome is a huge data base that tells you your food intolerances through assessing your microbiome. Since our microbbiome can influence inflammation, Viome’s goal is to eliminate chronic disease by educating people on what foods are beneficial to their own unique microbiome and what foods are detrimental.

I will write another blog post about my results once I get them, so stay tuned! In the meantime, happy and healthy pooping!

Becky Sheehey is a Holistic Health Coach, and a Pilates and Movement Expert with a background in Kinesiology. She lives in Lindsay.

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Becky Sheehey
Becky Sheehey
Becky Sheehey is a Holistic Health Coach, and a Pilates and Movement Expert with a background in Kinesiology. She lives in Lindsay.

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