Council a flutter as “lame duck” deadline approaches


KAWARTHA LAKES-City of Kawartha Lakes councillors are trying to get as much done as they can before they technically becoming a “lame duck” council.

With the upcoming election, between commencement of nomination registration (May 1, 2018) and Council inauguration (December 3, 2018), the City will be in a “lame duck” position. This means that during this period, Council cannot:

– Appoint/ remove any officer of the municipality

– Hire / dismiss any employee

– Dispose of real / personal property having a value greater than $50k

– Make expenditures or incurring any liability exceeding $50k

Council is proposing a By-law be approved by Council before May 1 and covering the lame duck period, which delegates property disposition and authority to expend money greater than $50k to the CAO and that 2019 “early starts” to be approved by the new Council in December 2018.

Council also needs to consider who will make up some of the number of committees, agencies and task forces within the city, review guiding policies and by-laws for Council through the Executive Committee policy review process

Other considerations:

  • Council support structures/resources
  • Consideration for evening Council and/or Committee meetings
  • New Wards and Voting Methods
  • Candidate Orientation and Information

The election is on October 22nd.