TV Ontario filming in Lindsay


KAWARTHA LAKES- TV Ontario(TVO) was filming in Lindsay today.

A three person crew was at the future home of the Pie Eyed Monk Brewery on Cambridge Street North on Tuesday afternoon. The crew told Kawartha 411 they were filming for an upcoming segment on the Pilot Project on basic income in which Lindsay was chosen to take part. They interviewed co-owner Aaron Young who also owns a number of other small businesses in town. The Provinces Basic Income Project will include 4,000 low-income people in the Hamilton area, Thunder Bay and Lindsay, who will each receive up to $17,000 per year.

The segment will air on October 2nd. TVO is a public broadcaster, primarily funded by the Province of Ontario. It is a registered charity.

Crews will be back in Lindsay at the Pie Eyed Monk on September 26th for round table discussions on the issue, to be aired live on TVO. More details on the event will be released soon.

Here’s a sneak peek at the mural going up on the wall behind that bar in the brewery. A talented, local artist and friend of Young, named Mike Wills,has been brought on board to do the mural on the wall and the bar itself will be a one of a kind piece. “The other really cool piece is the bar design. We commissioned a man by the name of Dan Kitchen who has been working along side us from a visionary standpoint to design what we want but also putting his touch on it, he’s come up with some pretty incredible designs.” Young told Kawartha 411.