Fenelon Falls Splash Pad delayed by permits and design complications


KAWARTHA LAKES-Construction of the Fenelon Falls Splash Pad has been delayed by permits and complications with the design but construction is expected to start soon.

The Fenelon Falls Rotary Club announced today that the construction of the long awaited Splash Pad will commence on September 5, 2017. As a result of the work a portion of Garnet Graham Park will be closed.“While we had initially hoped to have the Splash Pad up and operating by July 1, 2017, the weather and permit requirements pushed this date back”, explained Jim Sackston, Rotary Club Team Leader.

Sackston went on to say, that the original design fell short of the needs of approving agencies, therefore a redesign of the waste water handling system was necessitated. The changes will cost an additional $20,000. “We are very excited and anxious to have this project completed”, Leader Sackston said. “FUND RAISING efforts continue as more funds are required as a result of the redesign.”

That has put the Rotary in a tough spot as in order to keep the funding from the city and other partners the splash pad must be completed in 2017. “In order to honour our funding partners requirements it is necessary that the Splash Pad be completed in 2017, and will be fully operational for the start of the 2018 Summer season”, the Team Leader stated.

The Rotary Club thanked all those who have already donated funds, as well City of Kawartha Lakes, Parks and Recreation staff who have worked diligently on the project.