Lock ‘n’ Paddle sets record in honour of Canada’s Birthday


Photo Courtesy: Diane Haggert

PETERBOROUGH-328 canoes and Kayaks filled the Peterborough Liftlocks on Saturday, setting a record in honour of Canada’s birthday.

The event was organized by The Peterborough Liftlock, The Canadian Canoe Museum and the Land Canadian Adventures with a goal of getting 150 vessels in each of the Lift Locks two tubs to celebrate Canada 150.

Once the tubs were full they were raised so that they met in the middle of the lift lock and the boaters then sang O Canada and Happy Birthday.

It’s the third year for the event.  In the first year, 101 canoes and kayaks were fit into one tub. Last year that number went up to 138.

The Trent-Severn Waterway tweeted about this year’s historic event.